Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to creating affordable housing programs for Buffalo neighborhoods, helping to improve and strengthen the community.

Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc.
has provided Quality Housing Opportunities since 1998

Heart of the City Neighborhoods (HOCN) has worked together with residents, neighborhood organizations, financial institutions, and real estate professionals to make Buffalo’s core communities a better place to live.

While our original housing programs worked to increase homeownership opportunities, our most recent programming has made an effort to stabilize homeownership through repairing occupied housing, as well as ensuring tenants have increased access to safe, affordable housing opportunities.

Between 1998 and 2023, HOCN’s rehabilitation efforts invested over 32.2 million development dollars in Buffalo’s core communities.

HOCN is designated a New York State designated Neighborhood Preservation Company for the core communities in Buffalo, including the Lower West Side, West Side, Upper West Side, Allentown, Pratt-Willert, Central, MLK Park, Fruit Belt, Elmwood Bryant, and parts of Masten Park, Genesee-Moselle, and Broadway Fillmore communities.

Over the past twenty-five years, HOCN has created and restored 787 units of quality, affordable housing, and provided 1,577 residents with quality, affordable housing. The impact of this work is both immediate and long-term, reaching the community on various levels.


Leveraged and invested in our communities


Units of quality affordable housing created and restored


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