HOCN offers assistance for homeowners through programs for individuals within the City of Buffalo, including no interest loans and conditional grants for home repairs.

Homeowner Programs

Our homeowner programs focus on addressing costly repairs in aging homes, providing stability and longevity to homeowners.

HOCN is partnering with the City of Buffalo to bring their Emergency Loan Program and 50/50 Rehab Program to homeowners in the West Side, Upper West Side, Lower West Side, Elmwood-Bidwell, Elmwood-Bryant, Allentown and Central Planning Neighborhoods.

Not sure which Planning Neighborhood your home is located in? Enter your house number and street name in the Community Partnership Initiative Lookup Tool to learn more.

Programs for owner occupied homes provide full conditional grants, partial conditional grants and no interest loans, based on the household income of the applicant.

Family that has received assistance through HOCN's Homeowner Programs

Anna Gonez

Homeowner assisted through our Home Repair Assistance Program

“I was very pleased that I was able to have my needs taken care of and with respect on top of it. I’m very happy to tell all who ask about the work done to my home. Once the process was started, it rolled very smoothly. I also like that I was frequently checked up on by Heart of the City staff. Thank you so much for all of your dedication and hard work in this neighborhood. It is much appreciated!!!”