The City of Buffalo offers conditional grant funding towards housing repairs that affect COVID vulnerable and impacted owners and tenants.

COVID Housing Repair Program

The City of Buffalo’s CDBG-COVID Housing Repair Program will provide funding to small scale landlords and homeowners to repair dwellings and remove health and safety hazards from households that will benefit COVID vulnerable and impacted, low-moderate income families and individuals, or bring vacant rental dwellings up to code to create additional affordable units to place low-moderate income tenants and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

HOCN is able to assist homeowners in the Fruit Belt, West Side, Upper West Side, Lower West Side, Elmwood-Bidwell, Elmwood-Bryant, Allentown, Grant- Amherst and Black Rock Planning Neighborhoods with applications. If you live in a different neighborhood, please contact our office to be referred to the organization that can assist you.

Who qualifies for the CDBG-CV Housing Repair Program?

  • Tenant or owner-occupied households with COVID vulnerable members and/or housing interventions to support recovering COVID victims who have a referral from a medical provider.
  • Small-scale landlords who are looking to restore vacant units to increase the supply of safe affordable housing in order to place tenants from shelters or elsewhere to reduce the spread of COVID.
  • HUD funded prevention and rapid rehousing units that require the rental unit to pass an inspection in order to provide housing assistance.

What repairs qualify under this program?

Repairs will be assessed as needed, based on the individualized health and home improvement needs for owner and tenant occupied units, as long as the beneficiary is income eligible. Evidence shows that one primary health outcome associated with housing respiratory health and COVID is a respiratory disease. Repairs may include any code related repairs or “dry, clean, and safe” activities. This could include repairing or replacing leaking roofing and siding, adding ventilation to bathrooms and kitchens, replacing heating systems, installing insulation, sealing access for pests, creating accessibility for those with long-term COVID health impacts, and reducing lead-related hazards in pre-1978 homes.

Is your property eligible for assistance?

  • Does the occupied household have a referral from a health practitioner deeming a member of the household high-risk for, or recovering from COVID, OR a referral from a case worker or medical provider to confirm repairs are needed to maintain housing?
  • Is the home a single, double, 3-unit or 4-unit property?
  • Is the property owner a small-scale landlord with less than 5 structures in their portfolio, who is up to date on all of their property taxes, City of Buffalo obligations, and fees?
  • Does each household residing in units of the property have an annual, gross household income and asset value fall below the required income limits defined by HUD? (Please review the income guidelines to the right. Applicants with assets that exceed $35,000 will not be considered eligible. Please call our office for more household income and asset limit information.)
  • If the property is owner-occupied, have you owned your home for at least one year with your name listed on the deed?

If you can answer ‘YES’ to all of these questions, you may be eligible for assistance!

How can you apply?

Spaces are limited and applications are taken on a first-come, first-served basis, as available.

For each unit occupied, the household will be required to have their annual, gross household income and asset value fall below the required income limits defined by HUD, provide all of the required documentation noted on the checklist, and complete an application for assistance with HOCN’s staff.

For more information, please contact our office at (716) 882-7661.

Income Guidelines

*Household Size / Household Income Limit (80% of AMI)


*These income guidelines are based on 2022 numbers and are subject to change.

This website was produced in part with the assistance of the City of Buffalo/ City of Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency through the Community Development Block Grant and/or CDBG-CV Program(s).

Download our CDBG-CV Program Interest Packet by clicking here.