Our Home Repair Assistance Program offers financial aid towards the repair of existing homes, strengthening the community one house at a time.

Ellicott District Home Repair Assistance Program

HOCN believes that the repair of existing homes within the neighborhood is crucial to the stability and longevity of our communities. Home repair assistance programs have become one of our most popular initiatives due to the age of the housing stock in the neighborhood and the need for repairs.

HOCN is currently partnering with the NYS Affordable Housing Corporation to offer conditional grants to homeowners in the Ellicott Council District of the City of Buffalo for assistance with needed repairs to their homes.

What qualifies for repair under this program?

Home repairs are limited to health and safety hazards and code violations. This can include replacing roofs, repairing or replacing siding, porch repairs, window replacement, and heating system and hot water tank replacements. Please note that funding is limited and can only assist with minor repairs, not full unit or major renovations.

Are you eligible for assistance?

  • Do you own (name listed on deed) and occupy your home as your principal residence and not own any additional property?
  • Is your property located in the Ellicott Council District in the City of Buffalo?
  • Are you up to date on (or on a certified payment plan) all of your taxes, obligations, and fees?
  • Do you have home insurance coverage for your property?
  • Does your annual, gross household income and asset value fall below the required income limits defined by HUD? (Please review the income chart to the right. Applicants with assets that exceed $15,000 will not be considered eligible. Please call our office for more household income and asset limit information.)

If you can answer ‘YES’ to all of these questions, you may be eligible for assistance!

How can you apply?

Spaces are limited and applications are taken on a first-come, first-served basis, as available.

Applicants will be required to submit supporting documentation to verify eligibility for the program. For more information, please contact our office at (716) 882-7661 ext. 202 or by email.

Income Guidelines

*Household Size / Household Income Limit (80% of AMI)


*These income guidelines are based on 2022 numbers and are subject to change.

Funding for the Ellicott District Home Repair Program is provided by NYS Affordable Housing Corporation.


Download our Ellicott District Home Repair Assistance Program Interest Packet by clicking here.