The City of Buffalo is currently divided into three Council Districts, all of which are served by Heart of the City Neighborhoods. View the district contact information below.

Council Districts

The City of Buffalo is comprised of nine Council Districts, each led by an elected Council Member. Your Council Member is your representative who advocates for your neighborhood needs. When it comes to affordable housing, the City of Buffalo allocates a community based organization, like HOCN, to each of the Council Districts.

HOCN currently provides housing programs and services for residents in areas or all of the Ellicott District, Niagara District, and Fillmore District.

HOCN believes it is important to know who represents you and your neighborhood. We encourage every resident of the City of Buffalo to check the 2011 District Map and verify which district their home falls in and who is representing their district.

Ellicott District
Represented by Council President Darius Pridgen
1315 City Hall, Phone (716) 851-4980

Niagara District
Represented by Council Majority Leader David Rivera
1504 City Hall, Phone (716) 851-5125

Fillmore District
Represented by Council Member Mitch Nowakowski
1408 City Hall, Phone (716) 851-4138

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