HOCN provides career-oriented training and education for Buffalo’s young adults, leading to opportunities addressing Green Infrastructure and other global environmental challenges.

Environmental Stewardship Program

Our Mission: The Environmental Stewardship program exists to fill the gaps and address barriers that have blocked opportunities for young adults in the City of Buffalo. Each cohort gains Green Infrastructure and additional national certifications, as well as, Personal and Leadership Empowerment to set them on a path of self-sufficiency and holistic wellness.

Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc. (HOCN) is partnering with The Service Collaborative of WNY, PowerCorp PHL and The Buffalo Sewer Authority Green Infrastructure Maintenance Department as we head into Cohort 2 of the program.

Buffalo needs a skilled workforce to maintain internal systems to protect against flooding and help divert excess stormwater overflowing into our rivers and lakes.

Addressing the interconnections of modern urban challenges like public health, flood management, housing delivery, biodiversity decline, and climate change requires a much more dynamic and integrated approach to designing our cities. HOCN hopes that by maintaining Green Infrastructure and other sustainable systems, we can provide multiple services that improve the health and quality of life in our cities.

Environmental Stewardship Program Contact

Deirdre Wright
Director of Environmental Stewardship
Phone: (716) 882-7661 ext. 208, (716) 980-7661
230 Moselle Street, Buffalo NY 14211

Crew Members

• Young adults, 18-30 (veterans to 35)
• A bi-weekly stipend
• First Aid; CPR; OSHA 10 and National Green Infrastructure Certification (NGICP)
• 8 months of Workforce Development are grounded in addressing the Social Determinants of Health [SDOH] – Team Building – Community Engagement and Career Exploration opportunities
• All individuals successfully completing the program receive an AmeriCorps Education Award and opportunities to be placed in employment in municipalities, public and private sectors, higher education or higher level training.